Dear Lord, I was going to sit
my children on my knee
and tell them all about you
but I never got the chance

So will you sit them on your knee
and tell them all about me



Baby Wallace 1993 twin to Carly
we'll hold you in our hearts
though we never held you in our arms

For the baby Granny never knew
Kentjulie1 2007'

*To my darling cuppycake Dexey Kai*

"sweet dreams my angel"

20.02.08 - 22.02.08

Lots of Love




In Memory Of Erin Joanne Murphy
July 27th 2005
Always Loved and Missed

Kea Prosser Born Asleep 19th August 2004
forever loved forever missed sleep tight baby
till we meet again
love from Daddy Mummy
Ashley Devin & Jack xxx

Kyle,Lincoln & Brodie Black

- precious angels born too early for this world

- 24th June 2007. Now three shining stars in heaven


Aaron Daniel James Craig
A very special little boy loved and missed always
keep your star shining bright love you x


Karen Stacey Peel
22 / 05 / 1976 - 4 / 07 / 1977
A very special little girl
missed always , loved forever


In Memory of a very special Granddaughter
Holly Alyse Henricksen
Dec 27, 2008 - Dec 27th 2008
I miss you sooo much and think about you everyday
Forever Loved Gramma

Maddison Lee
Born Sleeping 23.02.2009
Forever Shinning Down on Us

Love Mummy, Daddy and Teags

In Loving Memory, of my Angel, Gabriel Athan Jouras.

God gave you to me and took you home to be with him on June 21, 2005

You will always be on my mind and in my heart.

I Love you! Love, Mommy

Baby Jay was taken from me at 12 weeks pregnant
may 14th 1998


"To our precious angel taken from us at 12 weeks of pregnancy

1/2/06. Always Remembered. Love Always Mummy & Daddy"

"Lisa Blunsden, born asleep February 3rd 1972 after 32 weeks.
A little daughter always missed and yearned for,
joined in Heaven by her brother David,
killed in a road accident in 1993 when he was 20.
Love never dies. xxxx"

Miley Watson born at 20weeks on 27th June 2009
your our special little angel and will never be forgotten
we love you loads
Gran and Grandad


My beautiful baby girl Daphne Claire
who went home to God on 2/23/09
You're in my heart everyday
I love you always Momma


Khianna Sankus
Born Asleep 9/4/09
Mummy, Daddy & all your family miss you so much!

If only we could have more time with you!


I n memory of our son and brother born asleep on the 17/09/82

FOREVER YOUNG always in our hearts Love you always x

Remembering our precious daughter
Casey Jane Allingham-Groves
Loved and missed every minute of every day.
Dance among the stars sweetheart.
Loved always Mummy, Daddy, Reece and Rudi

Anna-we never forget you and love your sunshine kisses.8th September Mummy and Daddy x

Baby Bourbon -you made me a Mummy and I think of you every day and I am so sorry you are not here but I pray You are safe with Jesus

"To my Beautiful sleeping little angel Niamh,
You are always with me sweetheart
I love you lots and lots like big jelly tots
from Mummy xxxxx"


x x x x x x x x x x

x In memory of out little angel x

x Erin Isabella Lee Muir x

x Born 13/02/09 and sadly fell asleep 15/02/09 x

Our love is sent each & every night, Our beautiful angel you will always shine bright.

For you are so loved tiny angel of ours, by true love so honest & divine.

We are so sorry that we never got more time, that is the one thing we will always regret.

The hurt and pain will live on in our hearts & we will never understand why we had to part.

x x with love always x x
x x Mummy, Daddy, your big sister and brother x x

x x x x x x x x x x

For Ashton, love you, Mummy & Daddy
for our grandchild...Cumbrian 2009

In memory of Kaleb Lucien Leung
Born into heaven, 9th March 2009
Our little sunshine xxx

Molly Kaitlin Dalton, born sleeping on the 09/01/1991.
She's with us every day our beatiful Angel,
We know one day we will find you
in heaven above
Once again with our baby we
miss and love
Mummy and Daddy x
one kiss for the one breath you took


Hunter Riley
Forever in our hearts.
Mom Rachel, Gema,
Aunt Megan


Born asleep 10-06-2006

My lovely Nephew Reagan , who is loved and missed every day

You are so special in every way

In our hearts you will always stay

You left us alone without goodbye

And one day Darling we`ll meet in the sky

Our hearts were broken on that day, we love and miss you every day

Love you Darling, night night angel God bless

Love Auntie Wilma and Uncle Ian xxxx


In memory of my special little Angels, we never got the chance to meet,

but in my heart I have the three of you for keeps.

Love and miss you all,

Sweet dreams my Angels xxx

X Love, Mum X


To our beautiful Baby Bethany.
We will never forget you and love you so much.
Mommy, Daddy
Connor, Lauren, Caitlin and Keri x x x x x x


Matthew Rablin 30th August 2009
Matthew you did not make it to this world but will forever be in our hearts, and sadly missed.
Mark, Isabelle & Morwenna xxxx

BBaby Michael

12th November 1990 13th November 1990

A moment in my arms, forever in my heart.

Love always Mummy xxx


In memory of our little girl Abigail
born sleeping 20/6/2010
too beautiful for this earth
always in our hearts
love mum and dad xxx

Bethany louise Ramzan Lang
born 07/09/08 fell asleep 21/11/08
Another angel in the sky
miss you baby girl
love all your family xx

Our precious Angel Margaret Mary Kelly, fell asleep 05/05/1971.

A tiny flower, lent not given, To bud on earth and bloom in heaven. love Mum & Dad x



Bethany louise Ramzan Lang born 07/09/08 fell asleep 21/11/08 Another angel in the sky miss you baby girl love all your family xx .


Our gorgeous baby boy kaiden born 30th may 2010 who became an angel 31st may2010

we miss and love you more each you always and forvever mummy and daddy xxxxxxxx


To our beloved little baby.
who we never got to hold.
love always
Nan, Gramp and Aunties..


kai hartley born 27th december 2010 , fell asleep aged 10 minutes , we will never forget you, we will always love you , you will always be our little boy love from mummy and daddy xxxx


Harrison and Braydon Gorton
Born Asleep 14/02/2008
Our shining stars, our guardian angels.
I wish upon a star, blow a kiss to where ever you are, i send a hug to tuck you in, until i am there with you again
Mummy, Daddy and Jackson will always love you and miss you so much.


To our little cousin Kai Harley, We"ll think about you often, We"ll talk about you too, We will have the memories, but we wish we still had you......sleep tight little one, love now and always, Jack, Alexander and Ella. xxxxxxx Good night Kai, lots of love from Lydia xxxxxxxx.


To a precious baby boy, Kai Hartley, You may not have lived long on this earth, but you will live forever in all our hearts, love forever, Sharon, Kelvin, Phillip, Jack, Lydia, Alex and Ella.xxxxxx


We never got to hold you but loved you so.
Gunner Gauge Thompson June 23rd, 2012


Christopher lawlor born sleeping on 2/05/12



Carla McArthur,

our wee girl,

born asleep 5th march 2008,

love you always,

mummy, daddy & Sean


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